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Cybust - Dazzle Dota 2 PC Animated Wallpaper

28 Dec 2020

⁣Donation ---- streamlabs.com/cybustcheehan
Paypal ---- tancheehan@hotmail.com
Patreon ⁣---- https://www.patreon.com/cybust

⁣Dazzle, the Shadow Priest, is a ranged intelligence hero who conjures dazzling dark light to heal his allies and prevent their deaths. His Shadow Wave is a low-cooldown nuke and chain healing ability, dealing more damage to nearby enemies for each ally the wave heals. Shallow Grave makes an ally temporarily unkillable, allowing Dazzle's teammates to survive impossible situations. Poison Touch is a spammable ability that slows its target and deals damage over time. His ultimate, Bad Juju, allows for all of his spells and items to be used more frequently, while also causing his spells to temporarily reduce his enemies' armor.

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